Almost gone!  

So I am almost off! I have returned big bee in exchange for Ron the photomobile, a similar van that my uncle has given me. It’s been a busy week of preparations, and a busier weekend of building and designing!

First I had to get rid of those old seats to make room for everything….


The bed has come together, after a bit of cutting, drilling and head scratching…


I have a new radio to keep me entertained on the long drives…


Thank you to Jem for the help with assembly and company!!



And my first-class studio is ready for installation (LED lighting to come)!


Now just another coat of varnish, if only I had time for more than two coats!


Things are coming along well now, I have air con, and my dual battery system installed and my awning is on, and ready to protect me from the weather, rain or shine



Now just a bit of wiring to light my studio!



It’s off to Brisbane tomorrow to collect the rest of my stuff, pack before heading north with some of my ecology friends for the first leg of the journey!


Hopefully my next post will come from somewhere further north.


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