And We’re Off!!

I left Brisbane on Thursday with two of my good friends, Jeremy and Amelia! We stopped in a lovely free camping site a few hours south of Carnarvon Gorge and were immediately greeted by a lovely couple of grey nomads, Lyn and Alex, as well as their dog, Sammy! We stayed up chatting and drinking their wine until the middle of the night (thanks again!). We leap-frogged each other the next day, and maybe we will run into each other again, but I’m sure that there are plenty more lovely people to meet on the road yet!


The next day we made it to Carnarvon Gorge, where we did an amazing walk with some stunning sites!


“The Art Gallery”


“Ward’s Canyon”


“The amphitheater”


And “The Moss Garden”


After this we stayed together one more night, before Jeremy and Amelia had to go back to the real world (work) for Monday morning. It was sad to see them shrinking in my rear vision mirror, but I suppose that it signifies the real start to my trip.


In these first few days I had only managed to find one bee species that I had not already photographed (below). So, this is my first bee photo of the trip!

2015-12-21-18.58.48 ZS retouched 60p bellows.jpg

The road between Carnarvon Gorge and Mackay is really quite amazing! I passed between dozens of different landscapes, from grasslands to woodlands, agriculture to mining country! In a day I saw quite a few amazing natural and man-made landscapes. As well as quite a few cows!


On the drive to Mackay I managed to find quite a few more bees on two trees on the outskirts of a small town, Springsure, QLD! So, finally I have some bees to photograph, but how will my little studio treat me?

As it turns out, it’s not the easiest thing to use, ‘little’ might be better replace with cramped and difficult, but it’s what I’ve got and I’ll make do! I guess now I’ll need to figure out the hours of computer time that I need to edit these photos on the trip!

Going from Mackay to Townsville also held some amazing landscape changes, from the coastal, green, hilly agriculture similar to that I am used to south of Ballina, to arid landscapes with bone-dry creeks. Sometimes this change was gradual, sometimes it felt like someone had drawn a line on a map to split vegetation types and nature had conformed to that line! I also managed a peak at some mangroves and got to smell the familiar coastal air before moving on!


Tonight I am staying at Rollingstone (yes, that is a place), just north of Townsville, in a lovely little free camping area!



Rock on, everyone!



6 thoughts on “And We’re Off!!

  1. What a great beginning for your trip. I’m so excited for you. I hope you don’t get bitten by the “loneliness” bee.


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