West to East

Three weeks in WA, that’s quite a while. I thought that I should really high-tail it outta there in case I never leave! So I shot east with only the border in mind and a GPS slowly ticking down from a fairly large time to arrival. The landscape is actually really nice along the southern part of WA, and there is still cool wildlife along the roads. Mostly it buggers off if you stop or slow down, like wedge-tailed eagles and goannas, but apparently not blue-tongues! Anyway, I made camp once again in the middle of no-and-where (I really like that place apparently), off the road a little and in some lovely scenery!

The campsite for that night, overlooking some cool woodlands


Showers moving across the land like big curtains
The sunset

But all good places must come to an end… or at least I have to leave them, and I hit the road again, planning to be over the border for my next camp! Again I saw more wildlife (more wedge-tails high-tailing it when I slow down), and some more interesting sights! For example an old mine shaft perhaps… I noticed it fairly quickly, but it wouldn’t have been hard not to…. I also got to drive on Australia’s longest straight bit of road! I never realized how much the odd corner added to the driving experience until now…

This is what a lot of the roads in Australia look like… Long!
Wedge-tail eagles
Pulling over to look at some flowers…
Do you see that over there?
What about now?
Yeah… 10-15m deep I’d guess (I threw a rock down and listened, like any self-respecting 10 year old would)
A long, straight road essentially

Some time after the straight road I was all of a sudden driving down a hill and greeted with a view of a very different landscape! I’m guessing that the landscape below was once under the ocean, and the sudden drop may have been the cliff facing the ocean? Not long after that though, I made it into SA and got to camp on the coast on a c.a.75m high cliff facing the ocean! Amazing views, amazing sunset… amazing winds!

This new landscape; looks almost like African savannah
Another border sign
The track to the coast (~30km into SA)
A pod of dolphins from the cliffs
Some of the cliffs’
Lovely textures in the ocean
Facing West (HDR)
My camp!
Sunset… they are always too tempting to not capture

A couple of the last WA bees that I’ll collect for awhile!

Next day was a fairly big day of driving towards Adelaide. A lot of the coast in SA and across the border in WA seems largely undeveloped and is thus really nice to drive through. Hours of wilderness, and varying degrees of coastal and arid heath! And camp for the night was once again on the coast, but this time on an actual beach! It was also the start of a three day fishing stint for me!

Everywhere I go there is always road rubbish and one thing that I have noticed is that there always seems to be a spam tin… Why is there always spam? Who even eats spam?!
The definitely 2wd friendly road to the beach
Another campsite, not very level, but a great location!

After a lovely but windy night camping on the beach I set off again towards Port Augusta. Not far from my campsite (which I had chosen due to its proximity to the water for fishing), I stopped at another site to have a look. I kind of regretted this, as this site was better and I would have been able to safely drive my van right onto the beach in a better location! My campsite was very good the night before… This one was just better.

It even comes complete with a big ‘ol yellow tractor

Moving forward from my error I found a giant ant, and some cool info on it at a servo (very exciting, even though they are basically bees’ less popular cousins), as well as a giant galah. It seems that Australians really like to make big things… For example some more big mines that I passed.

That’s a big ant
Don’t say you never learned anything from this blog
The big galah wasn’t as exciting for me, as I walked passed one [Tas] most days in my share house
A hill? No, a mine.

Anyway, approaching Port Augusta was quite nice, traveling through some more awesome landscapes (again mostly arid ones). Unfortunately I shot right through to camp at a place quite highly recommended on wikicamps just south of the city itself in a conservation park called ‘Winninowie’ (yes, I know what you are thinking… And I did indeed have to look up the spelling). The reviews, like the knife never lies (…I listened to the book Cloud Street recently…). The place was great! Doug the apparent mayor of the site is a climate/marine scientist who gets to live there in a nice house and chat to all of the people who come by, being more than helpful with advice etc. So I got to chat to him, pat his dog (the thing lives for pats) and park right next to the water’s edge!

The road to Port Augusta
The dog that lives for pats (he’s also on a diet… not a pat diet though)
I know I said right on the water’s edge, but….
…Come high tide (from the step on my van door)
The mangroves from the Jetty
Efficient fishing (so that I could edit photos at the same time as fish… plus it was cold outside!)

After this I have failed to take any photos, but rest assured that it has been as lovely as ever, and I have had a couple of nights in Adelaide so far. I have met with some people at the SA museum to see their photography area, discussed honours options (I may well be coming down here for this… we will see) and taken some photos of the bees in their collection (using my own gear). Tomorrow  will be my last day here before I head north towards Lake Eyre for a few days!

Until then,


Kilometres travelled: <16,000

Bee count: ~109

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