Hi everyone! So this page will be for me to keep anyone who is interested up to date with my trip around Australia, catching and photographing our native bees!

My idea started out as wanting to make a book portraying Australia’s native bee species, of which there are about 2,000! So that’s just what I will do. With the help of several experts in the field I will be able to feature along side these photos bits of information about many species as well as several feature pages to inform readers about hot topics relating to our bees!

So sit back, relax and enjoy the view from the comfort of your own home!

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  1. Hello James. I’m so glad I follow Mikey_Whitehead on Twitter and he shared your wonderful blog. I am envious of your journey but have neither the expertise nor qualification to do it, but I am a native bee enthusiast! I love nothing more than sitting in my Canberra garden, camera trained on a flower, waiting for a native bee to pop by. I look forward to reading about your journey and observations, and seeing the pictures and learning more about the 2000+ species! If you’re coming by Canberra make sure it’s in the warmer months and you’ll see Blue Banded Bees, Leaf Cutter Bees, Nomia Bees and maybe even a Neon Cuckoo Bee plus lots more I’m sure. You’ll probably have seen all those along the way but you can’t miss out on the Nation’s Capital!

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    • Thanks Renee, I’m glad that you are enjoying my journey! I’m hoping to make it there in time to catch the bees before they start disappearing! I’m still hoping to find a neon cuckoo bee on my journey actually, they are truly stunning! I haven’t actually found any cuckoo bees on this trip as of yet! You and I certainly have a flower-watching obsession in common 😉


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